Latest Past Events

BOG Trip: Beavercreek Wetlands, Pearl Fen, and Estel Wenrick

Fens and wetlands galore! We will explore the Beavercreek Wetlands, where the Baltimore Checkerspot is located. We will also visit the county's newest jewel in the crown, Pearl Fen. It is a short hop to Estel Wenrick, where Mulberry Skippers and other beauties are found.

BOG Trip: Adams Co. and Shawnee (overnight)

We will explore the diversity of Adams County during the day. We will be on the lookout for Juniper Hairstreaks Roadside and Cobweb Skippers. Many of the swallowtails should be emerging as well. We will stay at Shawnee State Park and hope to do some moth lighting in the evenings as well.