about Ohio Lepidopterist

What We Do

Ohio Lepidopterists is a membership organization. We provide following programs for our members and the public.

    • Annual meeting in winter with guest speakers on a variety of topics
    • A Butterfly Monitoring workshop in the spring
    • Field trips in flying months with our Butterfly Observation Group (BOG)
    • ID day and fall meeting late in the year
    • Newsletter 4 times a year.

Our Mission

The purpose of The Ohio Lepidopterists is to promote interest in the butterflies, skippers and moths of Ohio and neighboring states by:

  • engaging in activities designed to increase the general knowledge of the butterflies, skippers and moths,
  •  disseminating scientific information on the Lepidoptera,
  •  encouraging conservation of wildlife in general and of Lepidoptera in particular,
  •  achieving closer cooperation and understanding among all lepidopterists so that they may work together in the common cause of furthering the appreciation of Lepidoptera.

Our History

Ohio Lepidopterists was formed to provide a baseline survey of Ohio’s butterflies and moths, also known as Lepidoptera. The group then worked with the ODNR, Division of Wildlife to produce a listing of state endangered and threatened species. The Ohio Lepidopterists continue to study butterflies and moths, and have since worked with the Division of Wildlife to produce a butterfly monitoring program which provides critical information on population changes within this group of animals.

Our People

President:            Rob Liptak 

Vice President:  Jerry Wiedmann

Secretary:           Dale Rhoda

Board Members-at-Large:

      Barbara Bloetscher
      Susan Wiedmann
      Elisabeth Rothschild
      Beth Burke
      Luciana Musetti

Survey:       Mike Gilligan- Moths

Butterfly Monitoring:   Jerry Wiedmann

Butterfly Observers Group(BOG):                Greg Raterman 

Constitution: Barb Bloetscher

Newsletter: Ron Edwards